January 30, 1918 – Today, I met a young woman who was shoveling her driveway. She wasn’t on my list of probable Dem. voters but we struck up a conversation about her health. She is on chemotherapy, has cancer in the 4 range (1-5), and expects to be dead before the end of the year. At first, she sounded bitter and consigned to her fate. She told me she was a Republican but it didn’t matter so much anymore.
This was not a time for me to seek her vote!
So I told her I am a recent cancer survivor and had my prostate removed in December. I also had cancer in the 4-5 range and feel very fortunate to be surviving. I urged her not to give up and that she was undoubtedly getting terrific treatment at Dana Farber. We both agreed that she simply cannot give up. Dana Farber isn’t giving up on her!
Then she switched over to politics and said, “I never thought I’d ever meet a Democrat like you.” I told her, “We are all human. I don’t care what party a person is in. I want to help whoever reaches out to me.” She smiled and thanked me for being with her for a few minutes. Whether or not I get her vote is totally irrelevant. I just don’t want her to give up.
My style is to care for people whatever their politics, religion or ethnicity is. We are all part of the human family and we all need to love and be loved.
It was a good day out on the trail.