We had a productive, exciting Tuesday in the midst of a wild storm. Three of our volunteers, Mark Fazzina, Bill Burke, John Corrigan and myself, drove around Attleboro for four hours putting up 39 signs. Despite temperatures around 50 degrees, we still had to pound holes into the partially frozen ground and insert the signs. We got them all up and standing.

Now we have the beginning of a visible presence in Attleboro. But we need more sign locations. If you would like a sign please let us know via this form. We’ve got plenty of signs but need spots to put them. Signs are extremely important in a campaign as they are a visible indication of the strength of a campaign. You can call me at 508-455-1918. Or you may contact me via my e-mail at TyAttleboro@gmail.com. I will respond promptly. Your support really makes a difference. Thanks!