Silent Night, Holy Night

On Christmas Eve, I sat in a church pew holding a candle while the entire congregation sang “Silent Night, Holy Night.” It was a very special moment, the beauty of the candles shimmering in the darkness, the peaceful sound of lovely voices, peace and harmony reigned supreme.

I had a vision of what “Silent Night, Holy Night” might bring to America in 2018:
  • American Muslims, Jews, and Christians will worship in peace with one another.
  • Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, Native Americans and Caucasians will know the meaning of love and justice.
  • Our poor, middle class and wealthy will sit down at the same table and break bread together, discover we have some common needs and yearnings.
  • We will tear down the walls of prejudice and animosity that separate us from one another.
  • Each and every American will receive excellent health care and affordable insurance.
  • Our children will be offered the best possible education in the best possible facilities.
  • Our seniors will be guaranteed Medicare and adequate social security for the duration of their lives.
  • America will achieve peace and goodwill with our neighboring countries in North and South America.
  • A new War on Poverty in our cities and towns will grow all across America.
  • We will begin to end homelessness in our own communities.
  • We agree that everyone has the right to a good meal, a roof over their heads, warmth, and safety.
  • We would celebrate the goodness that is within one another.
  • Our government will radiate kindness, compassion, with malice towards none.
  • Louis Armstrong sang: “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD THIS CAN BE!”
                                                   Submitted by Ty Waterman
                                                   Candidate for State Representative