Christmas cheer for everyone!

Dear Editor: (Letter submitted to the Editor of The Sun Chronicle.)

I am appalled that the Mass. Dept. of Children and Family Services can’t keep track of the children in their care. A recent state audit discovered that DCF was unaware of 42% of the injuries, abuse, and crimes committed against our foster childen in 2014 and 2015! Drug overdoses, burns, broken bones, and even attempted suicides were overlooked. The auditors discovered 260 injuries over a two-year period that were not listed in DCF records.

      It’s hard to think about suffering children in Massachusetts during Christmas, 2017. It was also hard during Christmas in the 1840’s in London, wrote Charles Dickens.
      I suggest that you come down to see “A Christmas Carol”, performed by a wonderful cast at the Attleboro Community Theatre (ACT) this coming weekend, Dec. 15-17. You’ll see Ebenezer Scrooge (superbly performed by Dave Almeida), ignore and scorn the DCF of his era. He didn’t want to hear about the poor,  the abused, and the injured children in London’s care. He was too busy making a good living.
      You know the rest of the story. Bob Cratchit (well played by Bob Lively) struggles to keep his family fed and housed properly while Scrooge turns a blind eye to the suffering all around him. Scrooge’s shriveled soul is revealed by the Ghost of Christmas Present (Bob Messier) until he finally sees the error of his ways.
      DCF, our Massachusetts government, and each of us can still spread Christmas Cheer into the lives of our foster children. Thanks to our State Auditor, our eyes have been opened. This is the true message of “The Christmas Carol”. Scrooge finally saw the suffering of the children…. and did something about it. Tiny Tim was saved in the end. Let’s save our foster children.
      I’ll see you down at the Attleboro Community Theatre this weekend. You’ll love this ageless story.