A Beautiful Day (Day 1)

Today was beautiful… the sky was clear blue …. a Montana sky (I lived in Billings for two years when I was young.)

1.  I couldn’t wait to read the Sun-Chronicle this morning. My announcement as a state rep. candidate was well written by Jim Hand. He even mentioned the baseball book I’ve been writing. I called him to say thanks. Jim was accurate and fair.
     Politicians are oftentimes wary with the press. But I think the press has an important role to play in government. Without a free press we would have difficulty maintaining an honest democracy. Reporters, editors and publishers deserve a lot of respect when searching for truth, fairness and a proper balance of judgement.
     When public servants shy away from the press the seeds of isolation begin. I vow to be open and honest with the press.
2. My campaign treasurer and I went to Rockland Trust’s branch bank on Pleasant Street. We needed to set up a campaign account. Two banks had already told us they didn’t do campaign accounts for corporate reasons. Frankly, I was taken aback. Without campaign bank accounts it would be impossible for political candidates to proceed.
    On a tip, I learned that Rockland Trust was different. The bank manager was open and supportive. The account was opened with my first campaign donation and now we can start to buy signs and palm cards.  So, thank you, Rockland Trust! Your faith in me is really symbolic of your faith in our political process!
3. In the afternoon I spoke to two union reps. One rep. worked for the Social Worker union I joined while working for the state of Massachusetts. The other was a carpenter union rep that I met in October while holding signs for State Senator Paul Feeney. Both of these union reps wanted to help, including making the sticks for my signholding events this winter. I was blown over. We stood for the same values. A government that is compassionate and supportive of the needy in our society.
     Much of my campaign will be funded either by myself or thru small donations from friends and supporters. But I am proud to be aided by my fellow social workers and carpenters. Thank you!
4. I hope you also had a good day.
                                                         Cheers, Ty

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